Become a PAID Grammar for us!
Recruiting individuals who are passionate about Instagram.
Brian Creager,
Founder of The Product Hatchery
"We created The Product Hatchery to empower products and ideas and build them into a commercial success. Instagram is a growing part of this success..."
What does a Grammar at The Product Hatchery do?
You have a unique ability - the power to understand what you are passionate about - and how that will resonate with someone else. Through your unique understanding, you create visual assets and descriptive captions for Instagram posts. We do everything else...

We want you to grow your Instagram following right alongside our brand. What we don't want is a sale-sy brand. We want you to help us bring real and valuable content brought to our customers.

How do you get paid?
We have an internal post submission platform where you send us an image (or story) and a caption. We take it from there. We will pay you in blocks of 10 posts.

You will be an independent contractor. If you are in the USA, we will pay you through Gusto (via ACH transfer). If you are outside the USA, we will likely pay you via Upwork.
Our Brands
Our brands cover a wide variety of consumer goods including kitchen, meal prep, hair styling, and new mothers. If you are passionate about something, we probably have a product to fit.
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